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Hey there, and thankx sooo much for joining i hope you like it?!

Well srry i haven't posted in a while i was totally swamped with homecoming shit this week i got completely stressed and freaky like i just went binge crazy and ate every thing in SIGHT! AHHH it was sooooo bad so i felt wicked fat having to wear a dress and shit but in one pic i actually looked good and then one of my friends was like "Wow you look anorexic in this one, its so the opposite of you", i just stared at them like "omigod what am i a blimp?". So i felt like crying the entire night, but i had a semi-good time with date and it went pretty well actually.

But anyway...so clueless tell me about yourself?
Whats your fav movie?
Anything !

I am a cheerleader and i am not the sterotype ana cheerleader....
I've been ana for 2 yrs and i was 2 yrs before that ..
My favorite movie is...ANYTHING with a love plot hehehe i am a hopeless romantic!

Well i g2g do some homework.. fun fun
Thankx again for posting i hope i can help whenever you need it!

*Think Thin* ( i like that)

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